Horseware Rambo Duo Bundle

Horsewear blanket

Good quality blankets are made from durable and breathable materials, have great seams, wash well, and fit the horse comfortably without sliding off or blocking their movements. For all those reasons we swear by one brand and one brand only when it comes to blankets, and that is Horsewear.

For winter, nothing beats the Horseware Rambo Duo Bundle, and here is why.

  • 3 blankets in one. Before you gasp at the price tag (which is understandable by the way) consider this: this blanket combo has you covered pretty much for the entire year. The outer layer can be used on its own or layered up with either the 100g or 300g liner, so you can adapt the thickness of the blanket according to the temperature. So basically, you have two different winter blankets of different thicknesses as well as a thin rainproof and windproof blanket for those warmer, but wet days. The neck collar is great for added warmth and protection, but is removable should you not need it.
  • The outer blanket is waterproof, windproof, breathable and durable. It is made from 1000D ballistic nylon, which is an incredibly heavy-duty fabric used in military gear during the 2nd World War due to its incredible durability (although its ability to stop bullets turned out to be limited). 
  • V-front closure system that allows the horse to move its head and shoulders more freely than in blankets with the regular straight closing. This is especially great when grazing or eating hay off the ground. We also love the snaps which are really easy to attach and very secure.
  • Anti-static and antibacterial lining helps prevent those nasty sounds of static when pulling the blanket off that you often get with cheaper materials and wool blankets (especially in cold, dry climates).
  • Washes and keeps well. Although you don’t want to over-wash a nylon blanket to protect its durability properties, ours has stood the test of several cycles and is as good as new. It also has a wipe clean tail cord, which is great as it constantly gets pooped on!
  • 3-year warranty. This is truly a testament to the quality of the fabrics used. If you do make the purchase, register your blanket here to activate the guarantee.  Our blanket has lasted really well and there has not been a single issue with it.
  • Shine enhancing polyester lining. Yes, I know this sounds like a COMPLETE sales gimmick, but it’s actually true! The fur coat is super smooth and shiny when I take the blanket off!

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