Why we LOVE SleekEZ


SleekEZ is simply a life-saver in the shedding season! No amount of rubber curry combing can measure up to the ability of this tool to remove incredible amounts of hair from a thick winter coat in a short amount of time. It is such a satisfying feeling to ‘peel off the layers’!

The shape of the SleekEZ is rounded and very comfortable to hold. It has tiny ‘teeth’ that weeds through the fur coat very smoothly and is able to grab an impressive amount of hair.

We have the medium 5-inch size (which is usually recommended for dogs) so that we are able to use it on the entire horse including more narrow areas such as on the top front legs (lightly) and thighs. Having a large size would definitely save you some time though, so you may want to opt for that or get both a medium and large size if you think you will use them frequently.

In addition to being a quality product, SleekEZ is a US-based company built from the ground up by an amazing woman who designed this grooming tool based on her observations and knowledge from working as an equine dentist. We love supporting fellow female entrepreneurs, so that is just another great reason to place your order!

If you have a furry horse that just doesn’t stop shedding, we guarantee you will love this tool!