Best Protective Gear

Most equestrians that have been involved with this sport for a while will have had some experience with horse lameness or other injuries.

In particular, horse legs are delicate structures and can easily get hurt when bumping into obstacles during showjumping or eventing or if the horse hits itself with its hooves during heavy work or transportation.

Some horses are more prone to injury than others, and whether protection is needed and what kind of protection is most suitable will depend on what type of horse you have, the kind of riding you do as well as the activity and intensity level.

Leg Boots (for Dressage)

For dressage, we have found our ultimate boots which combine great quality with ease of use. The Piaffe REVO Dressage Boots (front set, hind set) is our absolute top pick. These boots have great elasticity and fit snugly on the legs, but are still soft and breathable due to the Aerox material. They stay put and don’t move around as other models sometimes do.

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