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Horse Grooming

Grooming is one of those things where you start off with the basic beginner set, find out what you like and don’t like and over time replace items until you have the grooming toolbox you and your horse feel comfortable with.

For grooming our ethos is – don’t invest in anything expensive unless you are looking for a particular feature or capability. Most brushes and tools will do the job just fine, which is why we are not listing a full ‘starter kit’ here (you can find plenty of those on Amazon, but since we haven’t gotten ours from there, we have no specific recommendations).

Sometimes, however, the occasional hero product comes along and those are the ones we want to share here!

Read on for our grooming tool favorites.

SleekEZ – the Shedding Savour!


SleekEZ is simply a life-saver in the shedding season! No amount of rubber curry combing can measure up to the ability of this tool to remove incredible amounts of hair from a thick winter coat in a short amount of time. It is such a satisfying feeling to ‘peel off the layers’!

Read more about why we love SleekEZ.

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Showsheen Hair Polish and Detangler


Who doesn’t love a good multi-task product? It saves space, money, and time. That’s why we love the Showsheen Hair Polish & Detangler from Absorbine.

Although their Amazon sales claim; ‘more horses have won ribbons with show sheen hair polish than any other grooming product on the market!’ totally makes us chuckle, it is a great product that makes brushing through tale and mane much easier and gives that brilliant shine you want on show day.

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